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Arizona has always been an ideal location for bicycling. It has all the cyclists' preferences - warm weather, clear skies, and natural landmarks that are worth visiting. However, considering the statistical fact that there are 47.5 million riders in the United States, it can become alarming.

There are inevitable possibilities of accidents relating to bikes every day. If you live here, this article will guide you to the significance of an injury lawyer in Peoria AZ through accident statistics, laws regarding bicycles, and what you can do when involved in an accident.

Bicycling in Arizona: Legalization and Accident Statistics

You must be fully aware of your environment when driving on Arizona's routes, whether by motorbikes on the highways or bicycles on city streets. Cycling on busy roads with cars zooming by requires knowledge of how to maneuver the bike safely through traffic.

As you may know, according to the data shared by National Highway Traffic Safety, over two individuals are seriously injured or killed while pedaling each day in the United States. Meanwhile, the Arizona Department of Transportation states that 32 cyclists died and 1,371 were wounded in 2017, ranking Arizona as the fifth most precarious place for bikers.

Following all road rules and keeping an eye out for each other on the streets is critical for both motorists and bicyclists. According to the state's legislation, bicycles are permitted to ride in traffic lanes in Arizona, provided that they abide by the very same traffic restrictions as vehicles.

Arizona Statutes Towards Bicycle Laws

If you want to ride at a reduced pace than the typical traffic flow, you should ride as reasonably close to the correct curb or border of the pavement on the right.

In the event that there are far more than five automobiles following you, you should withdraw off from the road and allow the cars to go as soon as reasonably practicable to do so.

To shift or lane changes, you first must provide the right arm gesture to the other driver.

On the road, you are not permitted to grasp onto another car.

If you're on a bike-only path, you are not permitted to cycle side-by-side with some other bike.

Throughout all times, you must maintain at least one grip on the bars of the motorcycle.

It is a must for your bicycle to have either a front or a back brake (or ideally both).

A headlight that can be seen from at least half a thousand feet away and a rear light that can be seen from 50-300 feet away are required when riding at nighttime.

Additionally, if you are a minor (under the age of eighteen) and live in Sierra Vista, Yuma County, Tucson, or Pima County, it is required that you wear a helmet on the road.

Accidents Involving Bicyclists and Careless Driving

The majority of personal injury claims filed by bikers are based on carelessness. In order to bring a successful negligence suit, you need to establish three elements:

  1. You had a legal obligation to the driver.

Every driver owes a responsibility of due care to all other motorists and bicyclists on the road, regardless of their position.

  1. The driver failed to perform their responsibilities.

This will be established by demonstrating that the driver neglected to use a sufficient degree of caution while driving.

  1. As a consequence of the driver's negligence, you were hurt and suffered financial losses.

This will be demonstrated by demonstrating that the driver's irresponsible acts were the underlying cause of the collision. Put it another way, and if it weren't for the driver's actions, the crash would not have happened and you wouldn't have been hurt.

Accidents in Which the Cyclist is to Blame

Indeed, not every accident is the fault of the drivers involved. A cyclist can also be deemed responsible if he or she causes an accident while riding.

Furthermore, Arizona is a state with no similar faults at all. As a result, the cost of the damage a bicycle is entitled to recover will be lowered by the proportion of culpability that the cyclist bears in the accident - regardless of what that proportion could be.

In the following instances, a bicyclist may be deemed at responsibility or partly responsible for an accident if they engage in the following behaviors:

  • Failure to come to a full halt at a stoplight or red light
  •  Riding in the opposite direction of traffic
  •  Riding a motorcycle while drunk
  •  Making an entrance into a roadway without first yielding to oncoming traffic
  •  Not having sufficient illumination or reflectors is a severe offense.

Peoria AZ Bicycle Injury Attorney

Accidents between bikers and vehicles entail a complex of legal concerns that are difficult to navigate. This is only one of the numerous reasons why you should seek the services of an experienced attorney to assist you with your case. The best course of action is to seek the advice of an experienced Bicycle Injury Lawyer in Peoria AZ who is familiar with bike accidents.

The following is a high-level description of how they would help you seek compensation. We will provide you with guidance about how to start and submit your claim for damages.

  • They can guide you in negotiating with the appropriate insurance firms.
  • They will defend you in a complaint and also in trial if the situation calls for it.

If your case necessitates the involvement of an investigative specialist, your personal injury lawyer will arrange for the engagement of this expert on your behalf. With the appropriate combination of facts, you will be able to strengthen your compensation claim.

Bicycle Injury Lawyer in Peoria AZ Near Me

A bicycle Injury Lawyer in Peoria AZ can also help you with these other essential things:

  1. Avoid Scams and Legal Pitfalls

Before you call a lawyer, keep in mind that you must not talk to any health insurers at first. They can use everything that you say to make their own lawsuit against you. It's better to let your lawyer write letters to your representative to ensure that you don't get into trouble later on.

  1. Protect Your Legal Interest

A bicycle Injury Lawyer in Peoria AZ has a great deal of experience and understands that bicycle injuries do not often show up right away. This implies that you will need a lawyer to get money for future care. Accidents can cause long-term pain and agony that may need to be treated by someone else in the future. A lawyer makes sure that all of your basic protections are safe for as long as you will need them.

  1. Get Expert Guide About Proving Fault

If you can show that the at-fault sides in your disaster were negligent, you will be able to get money for your injuries. A bicycle Injury Lawyer in Peoria AZ will give you all the help you need to figure out and prove who is to blame. To submit a lawsuit here, you will need to know how much money you are owed.

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