I was involved in a car accident in Gilbert

I was involved in a car accident in Gilbert

A: The warning signs of a serious head injury do not always surface immediately.  If your husband has not done so already, he needs to seek medical treatment.

A doctor will be able to examine your husband to determine if he has suffered a traumatic brain injury.  A CT scan or MRI might be ordered to confirm his diagnosis.

In the meantime, some of the symptoms to watch out for include the following:

You can find out more by reading our article, What You May Not Know About Your Traumatic Brain Injury Case.

Your husband may be able to recover compensation, depending on the cause of his Gilbert car accident. For a free case evaluation, contact us by calling 480-632-7373 or filling out our online form.

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If you are involved in a car accident, it is important to know your rights and to record or keep any of the evidence that will prove the details of the car accident. You should hire an experienced injury law attorney in Gilbert AZ to assist you and take any legal action that may be necessary to make sure that you are treated fairly and to maximize the payment for your losses. A car accident attorney can help you get the care you may need for emotional and physical injuries.

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After your car accident, you may be concerned about the medical bills that keep adding up, how to get your car or truck repaired, and how and what to say to the insurance company while you are filing a claim. We have found that our clients had fear and anxiety that if they say the wrong things when reporting the insurance claims or if they make the wrong decisions with medical care, or while renting a car that they will have to pay for it out of their own pockets, even if the accident wasn’t their fault! These are a few reasons is why hiring a car accident attorney who specializes in personal injury law will help you. Our team of car accident attorneys is here to help you receive the compensation those who have been injured deserve, we will take care of the paperwork, deal with insurance company adjusters, and make sure you get appropriate medical care will medical providers that agree to get paid when the case settles. When you allow our lawyers to handle your car accident case, you can focus on the things that matter most: healing and getting back to regular life.

Many people who have been involved in a car accident wonder if they should hire legal representation or if this is even worth their time or money. If you are concerned about the amount of payment you will receive for your accident by involving a lawyer, we encourage you to call our office for a free legal consultation where we can provide you with resources in your case. The general rule of thumb is that if there were any injuries that resulted from your car accident and if the damage to your car or truck exceeds $3,000 dollars, or if a police report is involved, you should consider hiring a car accident attorney.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Gilbert Arizona

There are a lot of ways your attorney can help you in your car accident. Here are a few:

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To better understand how we look at each car accident case, here is our process. To begin, we file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company if it hasn’t already been filed. We will provide the at-fault insurance company with all of the necessary details of the car accident that prove the fault, including sending them the police report of the accident from the Gilbert Arizona police department, your personal statement, and the personal statement of their client, the other driver, and any witnesses. Next, the insurance company will then assign an adjuster to your claim. This adjuster will be our point of contact for most of the cases. Because the adjuster is responsible for payments by the insurance company, we work to develop the best relationship and establish friendly and open communication with this adjuster. In most cases, we may be able to work with solely the adjuster to settle the car accident claim without needing to go to court, that being said even the best adjusters sometimes aren’t able to reach an agreement for a fair settlement of your car accident case.

Just after you have stated your initial claim, we will help with the collecting and organizing of the proof of liability, personal injury, and suffering. Our attorneys do this by reviewing your photos of the car accident, checking the scene of the accident for ourselves, speaking with the Gilbert Arizona police officer responsible for investigating your case, contacting eye-witnesses, and evaluating if the other driver was under the influence of any substance that would have impaired their cognitive abilities at the time of the accident. We always use all of the evidence and the law to build the strongest case against the other driver and to relieve you of any possibility of fault.

We always work with each client attending physicians and medical providers so that we can document all injuries and instances of trauma for those involved in each car accident. We get the records of paramedics who first arrived on site, the ER doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, and those witnesses at the event so we will have to use their testimonies. Knowing all the individuals involved in your car accident case allows us to have accurate documentation of the extent of your injuries.

The whole process can be longer than anyone ever expected in the beginning, especially if you have injuries that require extensive follow-up, recovery, or which have permanently changed your life. We understand as car accident attorneys how to take these things into account as we negotiate for the best settlement that sufficiently covers the pain and suffering you have incurred during your car accident. At the end of the process, our fees are based on contingent upon us winning your case, so we are incentivized to provide you with the best legal representation throughout your case.

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Being involved in a car accident in Gilbert Arizona can change your life. Serious car accidents can result in broken bones, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, dismemberment, permanent and lifelong disabilities, post-traumatic stress, scarring, burns, crushing injuries, impalement, paralysis, or death. We’ve just about every type of car accident there is in the past decade. We understand the stress and anguish that can be going on after a car accident. We are here for you and your family and want to make sure you receive the most compensation for your car accident through the best legal representation in all of Arizona. Call us today for a free legal consultation and to get started on your car accident case.

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