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When you’ve been injured in an accident, your injuries can change the way you live your life every day. Getting the right kind of legal advice helps protect your rights. It could also go a long way in ameliorating the hardships you and your family could face as a result of your personal injury. You need a Gilbert personal injury lawyer that truly understands how best to represent you. The offices of AZ Car Accident Attorney can help. Our team of attorneys will partner with you to help resolve all personal injury issues.

We specialize in a variety of practice areas to fit your needs:


Nate Hogle

Nathan prides himself on his ability as an attorney to empathize with clients and really listen to and understand their circumstances and concerns. Once he understands a client, Nathan is focused on finding the right solution to their problems and helping them heal after facing difficult challenges.

LAW SCHOOL: Western State University


Jacqueline Parker

Jacqueline is a highly experienced attorney that excels at explaining the law to her clients in a way they understand, communicating their options to them and guiding them through today’s legal system. When clients meet with Jacqueline, they receive her full attention. She listens, understands and assists clients in solving their legal problems during difficult circumstances in their lives.

LAW SCHOOL: University of San Francisco

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Car Accidents Lawyers

We Specialize in Personal Injury in Gilbert AZ


Here we will address the questions that arise when an individual suffers a personal injury from a car accident. If involved in an accident, a person must give his or her name, address, and license plate or registration number to those involved in the accident. Additionally, he or she should supply their driver’s license information and immediately file a police report if the accident involves an injury. The same applies to other personal injuries caused by others’ negligence, malice, carelessness, and actions.


A car accident also referred to as a “traffic collision,” or a “motor vehicle accident,” occurs when a motor vehicle strikes or collides with another vehicle, a stationary object, a pedestrian, or an animal. Also, it is an event that takes place without one’s foresight or expectation; an undesigned, sudden, and unexpected event.

In Arizona, a person has a claim if they were involved in a car accident, and they have two years to file a personal injury or property damage lawsuit against the at-fault party after the date the accident occurred. To file a claim in Arizona, a claimant must prove duty, breach, causation, and damages. This applies to clients in both Gilbert and Scottsdale.

Personal injury attorneys are licensed legal professionals who specialize in cases in which the plaintiff received injuries as a result of some sort of accident.

A personal injury attorney will review the case with the injured person, file a demand letter, obtain copies of medical and traffic records, obtain witness statements if any. They will negotiate insurance company settlement offers, create a counteroffer, if applicable, and file required court documents. They will then advise on settlement or need for court action, and disperse funds to the plaintiff and medical creditors associated with the case.

Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation that will review a case and its specific circumstances prior to acceptance. Most personal injury attorneys in Gilbert work on a “contingency” basis, meaning they’re paid only if their client’s case is settled. The percentage of settlement that goes to personal injury lawyers can vary and will be discussed with the injured person before their attorneys accept the case.

Additionally, if their attorneys are working on a contingency basis, there is no upfront hiring fee, because, under this agreement, they will not receive compensation until the case is resolved. This means that they will be committed to getting you the maximum payout possible to cover lost wages, pain and suffering, business losses, and any other problem that arises from that incident.

Expected compensation depends on a variety of factors. Many sites offer “settlement calculators” that allege to report what a car accident claim is worth. However, it is ultimately the insurance company that accepts or denies compensation.

Factors included in compensation include expected medical expenses resulting from the injury, any property damage that might have occurred, lost earnings resulting from the accident, future lost income of missed work because of ongoing treatment related to the accident, and general damages such as pain and suffering (the higher the pain and suffering, the greater the damages award).

A person has no business retaining personal injury lawyers if he or she is in an at-fault accident,  particularly if they’re guilty of a DUI.

However, attorneys advise the at-fault driver not to admit to fault, call the police, take photographs of the accident scene, obtain names of witnesses, be honest with the police, call the insurance company to schedule car repair, and to file an accident report with the proper state authority, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles or police department.

An at-fault individual responsible for the other party’s personal injury should contact his or her insurance company to report the incident as soon as possible following a car collision.

After a car accident, in order to best build a case for an insurance claim or injury lawsuit, it is extremely important to gather as much evidence as possible. Personal injury attorneys are good at this. They’ll offer the appropriate legal advice so that you can get all pertinent evidence.

They might also be able to establish if the other driver has an existing DUI on their record. The person who brings forth the claim bears the burden of establishing that the other driver was at fault in causing the car accident and that the plaintiff suffered injury and damages.

Evidence comes in many forms and may include documents that prove the at-fault party committed a DUI, medical bills and records, photographs, and witness statements or testimony. Evidence will help the claimant show the court who was at fault for the accident. Evidence to gather includes the name, address, driver’s license number, vehicle plate numbers, and insurance information from all involved drivers.

Additionally, it is important to determine whether any of the drivers were driving for their employer at the time of the accident, and if so, a person should collect that employer’s name and contact information. Photographs of the accident scene should be gathered by asking if anyone has taken photographs and if so, then asking for copies of those photographs. Using a personal cell phone, the person should take their own photographs, and take notes of any statements made by other drivers or witnesses.

A person should gather any additional records that are related to car repairs, medical bills, or damage to personal property resulting from the accident. The person should keep a journal with information related to healthcare appointments, who he or she saw, the treatment obtained, and whether he or she was required to pay any money at that particular visit.

Once all treatment is complete, and a doctor has authorized release, a complete copy of all of the person’s medical records should be obtained. Additionally, the person should gather any information related to lost wages. Once all evidence is obtained, it should be presented to the insurance company, or to the personal injury attorney, if retained.

Personal Injury Caused by Medical Malpractice and Negligence

Personal injury isn’t just attributable to vehicle accidents. Medical malpractice and negligence resulting in patient harm can be classified as personal injury. As a result, personal injury lawyers can help the victim get their due. These attorneys will investigate the cause of the injury, and find out if there’s a direct link between it and the medical professional’s actions.

Medical malpractice lawsuits aren’t just limited to physicians. Nursing professionals in the hospitals, nursing home staff and pretty much anyone who takes care of sick people can be sued if there’s evidence of injury. To ensure that there’s a medical malpractice at play, personal injury lawyers will check the four D’s of medical negligence:

  • Duty
  • Dereliction (deviation of standard of care)
  • Damages
  • Direct Cause


When people go into hospitals to get treatment, they expect a standard of care that’s universal in the healthcare sector. If they don’t get this and suffer the consequences, they need to find a personal injury attorney with considerable experience that will help them get the compensation that’s due them.

Once their experienced attorney establishes that the hospital, nursing, medical or other healthcare professionals contributed to or worsened their clients’ condition, they can then give legal advice. They’ll often recommend a viable cause of action that will help their clients get the appropriate compensation.

If you and/or your loved ones have suffered from one or more of the conditions listed below, the law office of AZ Car Accident Attorney might be able to help you get paid for the damages:


  • Wrong, improper or no diagnosis
  • Wrong medications or drug dosage administration
  • Poor, lacking or no treatment of you as their patient
  • Ordering wrong or improper tests
  • Poor interpretation of test results
  • Incorrect or wrong prescription of medication
  • No prompt treatment for patient
  • No consent before treatment or procedure
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Surgery and/or anesthesia errors
  • You were not adequately informed about the side effects of medications or procedures
  • Poor post-operative care
  • Premature discharge from the hospital
  • Maltreatment in the hospice or nursing home


If you or your loved ones have suffered any of these, AZ Car Accident Attorney might be able to take you as a client and help you get the payment you deserve.

AZ Car Accident Attorney office has competent personal injury lawyers in Gilbert, AZ dedicated to helping our clients get the best outcome.

Gilbert Personal Injury Attorney for Defective Products

Any product that doesn’t function in the way that it was designed, is a defective product. Now, there are defective products that are not harmful and those that can cause personal injury. If you live in Gilbert and have suffered any injury directly as a result of using a defective product, you can file a personal injury claim through an experienced personal injury law firm like AZ Car Accident Attorney.

Victims of these incidents typically think there’s not much they can do. That’s not true. Clients and individuals who have sustained significant pain and harm because of a defective product can hire the services of an attorney in Gilbert here. Our Gilbert personal injury attorneys will then get to work to help you secure the payments due to you.

Once it’s proven that the defective product caused you harm, you’re entitled to suing the company and getting them to assume liability for the defective units and the harm caused you.

The law offices of AZ Car Accident Attorney is dedicated to serving clients in Scottsdale and Gilbert, AZ. If you have any personal injury problems, get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation consultation today. Call  (480) 447-1512.